Saturday, July 21, 2018

Memories of Bali, Indonesia

When I set foot in the island of Bali on June 2018, I immediately fell in love with the place.

There are so many good memories I brought with me and the best way to show them is through pictures.

By the way, we were there because it was our company's annual retreat.

It's actually amazing to see how the company has grown. As of this writing, around 28 countries are represented in this team of 70+ people. (Only 40 was able to come though).

We also happened to be co-organizing Running Remote, the largest remote work conference in the world. This happened on the 23rd and 24th. It was incredible.

That is Amir of Todoist and Joel of Buffer.

But, less of those and more of Bali!

So yes, I stayed in this really awesome villa. Probably the best accommodation I've ever had in my entire life.

Who could say no to this?

Add to that the beautiful scenery and the lovely smell of nature everywhere you go!

It is also culturally rich and the locals are very much open to educating you about their history. They are very nice people too!

For coffee junkies like me, they are home to the best coffee in the world. I had to buy some even though it was really expensive.

And who could forget their world-renowned beer? They call it Bintang. 

This beer is best enjoyed at night when the island comes to life with all the parties and festivities going on. 

Tourists are always sure to have a great time. 

I could go on and on. 

But, I would end here. 

The point is Bali sure held a place in my heart. 

It was memorable. And more importantly, I made a lot of new friends along the way. 

I will definitely come back soon if I have the chance.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Music is in our DNA

I am blessed with a musically inclined family.

My mom can sing.

My sister can sing.

My brother plays the drums and bass guitar.

My uncle can sing.

My cousins are fantastic singers too.

I've been raised to love, play and be one with music.

I think this gift runs in the blood and I am proud of it.

It became even more evident when my nephews had their music school recital over the weekend.

As early as 5 years old, one of them has all those beats coming really well (see video above).

I'm proud of him. I am proud of this family.

To generations of music minded people.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Where did all my fitness motivation go?

A few years back, I was so pumped to exercise and go to the gym.

I always made sure I never miss a workout.

It lasted a good while.

But, times have changed now.

The question I repeatedly ask myself today is this: "Where did all my fitness motivation go?"

I don't have that much time to workout anymore.

I haven't even ran a single mile for months now.

It's crazy. As of this writing, I've gained back all the weight that I lost in the last few years that I have been working out.

I can't seem to get that motivation back.

Right now, I'm thinking that that whole fitness thing in my life was just a phase and now it's over.

I don't know. Part of me is still hoping to be fit.

I just don't know how to re-activate it.

If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Summer Nights

My idea of a summer break is a chill and relaxing night. 

I've already had enough summer heat to enjoy it in the beach or some other place that is hot. 

Tonight, I had one of those nights. 

I was never a fan of swimming but tonight was an exception. 

We had a huge pool all to ourselves. 

The water was just the right kind of warm for a chilly night. 

I'm with my lovely girlfriend drinking a good fruit shake. 

It was very much relaxing. 

I totally forgot all of the stress I had this entire week. 

I live for more nights like this. 

I am also glad I had that much needed break. 

I feel like I could sleep soundly tonight. =)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Voter Thoughts

May 14th, 2018 was the Barangay and SK elections here in the Philippines.

This is my second time voting and here are some of my thoughts.

I still have no idea what they do

As embarrassing as this may sound, I absolutely have no idea what a Barangay Chairman and Kagawad really does. I know they are public officials. But, I have zero knowledge as to how exactly they should function in the community.

Manual voting is so primitive

I'm not exactly sure why we are still voting manually. It is horribly inefficient. Kudos to the teachers in my precint. They did their best to make the process smooth. However, the whole election could have been 10 times better with automation.

I do not know majority of the people I voted for

This is where it gets sadder. I did exercise my right to vote. But, the problem is I do not know exactly who to vote for. Is it my responsibility to know the candidates? or is it the candidates' responsibility to make themselves known to the public?

What motivated these kinds to run for public office?

The SK positions allowed youth leaders to have the power to lead and create laws. I quickly did a background check for some candidates. But, they do not even have a leadership background at all! I don't want to judge them and their desire to serve. It just makes me question why they wanted this kind of burden and responsibility all of a sudden. 

I could go on and on. 

It's sad that most of my thoughts are on the negative side.

But, with all sincerity I do hope the best for the future of the Philippines.

God bless our country.

Friday, May 04, 2018

Our Future House: Day 142

It was a rainy Thursday, May 3rd 2018.

Day 142 of the construction of our house.

There were some noticeable improvements. 2nd floor, half of the roof was installed, a bit of finishing and some paint job.

One problem is starting to show up though.

The progress is getting slower each week.

For reference, look at the picture above and check out the houses on the left.

Then, look at the picture below which was taken 2 months ago.

Those houses weren't even there yet! 

We're not entirely sure where things are going wrong and why this is the case.

Is it the contractor? The construction workers? Did the owners of that other house pay for the equity in full already? 

I really can't answer that. 

We will just continue to monitor the progress in the coming weeks.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Comfort Food

Whenever I am down, feeling stressed or tired, aside from getting some rest I turn to food. 

My ultimate comfort food by the way is pizza.

New York's Finest pizza from Yellow Cab to be exact. 

This week was just one of those days where I definitely needed this. 

I just felt like there's too much going on and my mind just can't get a break. 

So, we grabbed that whole pizza tonight. 

It was definitely... comforting. 

My friends call it stress eating and warned me about unhealthy eating. 

But, guess what? Times like these, I just don't care. 

Eat away, self. You definitely need it. 

Tomorrow's going to be another weekend packed with things to do.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

2 Day Offline Retreat

I was totally offline for the last 2 days.

No wifi, no data, no signal.

The photo above is the only one I took during that time.

Before you go wondering if I just went to the woods with my girlfriend, it's not what you are thinking -- although we kind of really did.

I had a 2-day retreat with family and church mates.

We do this annually during the holy week but this time it was kind of special.

The unexpected happened

I brought all my gadgets with me. From computer, to phone, pocket wifi, powerbank and more. You name it.

The usual workaholic always thinks of work wherever I am.

But, when we arrived at the venue I looked at my phone and boom -- signal is out.

There was a bit of panic going on in my mind because I had planned to answer emails during break time. So many work left. I felt like I could just do them while on vacation.

I actually survived

Even with that panic going on in my mind, I still decided to just enjoy every single activity which I really did. 

24 hours have passed, then 48. 

I've never sent a single text message, I've never made or received a call, I never opened social media sites for updates. 

So, it turned out that I actually survived. 


Even though I started the retreat with panic, I ended it feeling refreshed. 

That retreat was exactly just what I needed to be reminded that life doesn't revolve online (I literally live and work online).

To more days like this.

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