Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creative SBS A300

One of the gifts I bought myself this Christmas was a Creative SBS A300  2.1  speakers. I recently just bought  a PC and for someone who uses audio that much for movies, gaming and more importantly music, these kind of speakers are a great need.

I was looking for something affordable yet with good quality. This was certainly it. It's got great sound quality with a great pounding subwoofer of which you could control the bass volume. It's also very easy to setup and definitely looks good on any current desktop out there like mine.

It lacks some minor features (like no headphone jack) and might not be the perfect and most outstanding 2.1 speakers out in the market, but for 1,350 pesos it sure is a good buy.

It has significantly changed the way I listened to music in my PC now... been playing Christmas songs over and over again by the way. :)

9 days to go before Christmas. Merry Christmas everybody.

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