Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fourth Kind
First of all, this is not a  movie review. It may look like one but I really don't consider it to be one. Haha. This may be just like my thoughts, reactions and such on the movie.

Okay. So let me start off by saying "I actually haven't seen Paranormal Activity yet... nor that Blair Witch Project movie." Yeah, I am a loser. I know. LOL. I just said that to make it clear that I could not actually compare this one to both of those movies.

Anyways, The Fourth Kind is a movie about real alien encounters backed by real footages and recordings that were reported at a certain place called "Nome." The First Kind is actually Sighting. The Second Kind is Evidence. The Third Kind is Encounter or Contact and the Fourth Kind is Abduction, which obviously is the creepy one.

I'd say this one directly. I actually enjoyed the movie and it scared me.

Who would have thought aliens would freakin' scare me that much?? The movie was disturbing. It goes to show that horror movies don't need to have ugly vampires, witches, etc. to make it frightening.

The movie presented a simple idea -- just a mere re-enactment of the compiled evidences of recordings, testimonies and interviews done regarding a particular encounter case. The rest is just for you to believe. The idea of integrating actual footages with the actors' interpretations was well done by the way.

It may have bad reviews as they say it was just a hoax and all that crap but if you just come to enjoy,watch the movie and think about that other possibility of it actually happening, then this movie would be a good one. It creeped me out. I'm scared of aliens now! hahaha.

If you have to make me actually rate it, I would give it an 8 out of 10. Don't make me explain. You get it. haha

Anyways, it was a great night. Stuffed myself with a lot of Pizza again while watching the movie at Anjo's place (which by the way is like a damn mansion. haha) with some wondeful and awesome people (Francine, Steena, Jyllel). I just accidentally met them at the mall and after that, it was absolutely just fun fun fun. After all, the best nightouts are those that are instantly planned right? haha.

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Anonymous said...

hahha its still a movie review haha

Carlo Borja said...

hahaha. mao na ni karon. di man ko balo mu critic ug movie do oi. haha

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