Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pizza de Oro

I was craving for pizza earlier this afternoon so I decided to try Pizza de Oro, the newest pizza in Cagayan de Oro. They still don't have a store so they only accept deliveries as of the moment. Delivery is free and the pizzas are affordable.

Now, going to the big question... How is the taste? Well, I would say nothing beats my all-time favorite New York's Finest from Yellow Cab. However, both their pizzas (Hawaiian Ham and Cheese and De Oro Overload) would still pass my taste. Being a pizza fan who just tasted a white pizza for the first time, I think their pizzas would actually be loved by the Kagay-anons. I've heard great comments from online friends from CDO and yes, they sure were right. It was not a disappointment. It's worth a try. In fact, I'm thinking of ordering again. haha.

Check them out HERE on their Facebook page for more of their services.

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Anonymous said...

wla pako ka try ana ilang pizzas :D pero ga wonder jud ko anang "white pizza" and maka pili ka? thick or thin?? hahaa

anyway I just followed you in tumblr.. follow me pud! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

and byt he way... Glenn goopio is one of the best if not the best.. blogger in our batch! hehehe

read his blogs hahaha.. na discourage kog blog pag basa nku iya blog pero i still have to blog bwahaha..

anyway here's his blog..


Carlo Borja said...

the only choice you'll have to make as of the moment do is either De Oro Overload Pizza or Hawaiian Ham and Cheese. hehe. White pizza because of the sauce. Dili siya tomato sauce. I don't know unsa to basta white. hahaha

Anyways, sus.. ever since si Goopio idol ko na na musulat! hehe. i follow ko pud siya. hehehe. na follow na pud tika sa tumblr. hehe. thanks do!

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