Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pizza de Oro

I was craving for pizza earlier this afternoon so I decided to try Pizza de Oro, the newest pizza in Cagayan de Oro. They still don't have a store so they only accept deliveries as of the moment. Delivery is free and the pizzas are affordable.

Now, going to the big question... How is the taste? Well, I would say nothing beats my all-time favorite New York's Finest from Yellow Cab. However, both their pizzas (Hawaiian Ham and Cheese and De Oro Overload) would still pass my taste. Being a pizza fan who just tasted a white pizza for the first time, I think their pizzas would actually be loved by the Kagay-anons. I've heard great comments from online friends from CDO and yes, they sure were right. It was not a disappointment. It's worth a try. In fact, I'm thinking of ordering again. haha.

Check them out HERE on their Facebook page for more of their services.

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