Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Power Shortage in Mindanao

Recently, we have been experiencing a very unfortunate circumstance. As to what I have understood, due to the current El Nino phenomenon, our power sources like the Maria Cristina Falls, etc, etc have gone short. That only means one thing: There will also be a short supply of electricity too.

This is where it gets worse. Everyday, we are experiencing blackouts that last for around 5 hours. Aside from the fact that it gets pretty annoying and hot everyday, this situation is so not favorable for me.

My job is online. It requires the use of computers and the internet and basically being able to work 8 hours a day. Taking 5 hours of my day for a power outage is such a really big deal for that matter. Sad fact is we still don't know when this will end. It seems like every week there is a new schedule of power interruption from Cepalco. :(

Well, in line with this, to give a little bit of a solution to this problem, I immediately decided to buy a new laptop/netbook. This was really out of my plan but it turned out to be a necessity these past few days. I can make good use of it anyway. This will be a great investment I presume.

I bought this HP Mini 311 netbook (on the left side of the pic). 2GB of RAM, Intel Atom Processor, NVIDIA Graphics with Windows 7 starter OS. I thought I would not be able to use it that much so I just settled for those specs. Not bad for a netbook anyway. It fits my extra needs. So far, so good. It even exceeded my expectations :)

Having this laptop allows me to work anywhere where there is a good wireless connection (SM City CDO is one of my favorite places..pretty good connection). That would be much cheaper than constantly going to an internet shop and pay for the hours of the limited work I can actually do there. I also even bought a Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-in Kit for an extra mobile internet connection.

At this point, I have been constantly making up for the hours I need to work. That means working late at night just to be able to finish and accomplish things. Pretty tiring but I really have to do it. There is no other way. This makes me stuck in this workplace almost all day.. taking advantage of the time when there still is power/electricity.

All of these circumstances actually gave me a good realization. We all have to conserve energy before it is too late. This lesson just doesn't apply to electricity and power. It can also be applied in real life right? It's like teaching us to cherish what we currently have because we never really know how important they are unless they are gone. :)

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