Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For My One and Only

On the 27th of March falls the birthday of the woman I truly adore, the woman I first loved, my inspiration and the reason why I am here. She is none other than my mother - Elena Borja. Yeah. Enough said. I love her so much.

Anyway, since last year I have already been thinking of what to give her on her birthday. I wanted it to be something special as my way of saying thank you for everything. I'm not really good at giving gifts (yeah. it sucks). I was already close to asking her what she would want for her birthday. haha. Good thing earlier this year, she was like complaining of her old laptop which has been like fully depreciated over time already. haha.

So there. To make the long story short, I could not wait for her actual birthday and gave her my present in advance. It was this one.

It's actually an ASUS EEE-PC Netbook. 1GB of RAM, Intel Atom N450 Processor, 250 GB HDD and a Windows 7 Starter OS. She would just be using the netbook for documents and Facebook games. She's a Farmville and Cafe World addict by the way. haha. So, that netbook would be just fine for her usage and needs. I'm kind of envious because its battery would last for 11 hours maximum. Oh well.... I'm happy with mine anyway. hehe

The moment I gave it to her, she was absolutely happy and that's all that matters. :)

Happy Birthday Mom.

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