Thursday, April 08, 2010

McDonald's Divisoria Upgrade!
Alright, so this is just a quick blog.

I was at Divisoria earlier to listen to the Bangon Pilipinas Party candidates for the upcoming elections. After that, we decided to go to McDonald's just to grab some food.

I always go to McDonald's Divisoria (around twice a week. seriously) that's why I immediately noticed this one.

They already have a new cash register machine! :) I don't actually know how it is called... probably POS or something like that so I'd like to just call it a 'cash register machine.' Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyways, if you have been to McDonald's divisoria you probably would have noticed that they have been using that old 'manual' cash register for quite sometime already. If i'm not mistaken that was the original cash register machine that they have been using ever since they opened this branch here in divisoria.

That changed now. Starting April 7, 2010, they are already using this new machine. Mind you, it's touch screen... well, those are like the ones we see in Jollibee fastfood chains. haha. better late than never McDonald's.

Oh well, this might probably be a nonsense blog. I am just happy for my favorite McDonald's branch. haha. After all, it's refreshing to see something new y'know. :)

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