Monday, May 03, 2010

CdeO Tumblr Summer Meetup 2010

Cagayan de Oro's first ever Tumblr Meetup was a success.

It was great meeting such amazing people and making new friends! I was even more delighted to know that CdeO is blessed with such welcoming, friendly and fun people which made the meetup more memorable.

The idea of a meetup is indeed really fun. It made me realize how awesome it is to be on Tumblr especially if you get to see the people behind every wonderful posts, be it random pictures, quotes, gifs or even rants.

I hope this will be the first of the many meetups to come. :) Tumblr has really captured the essence of social networking with Tumblr Meetups. With all the fun, laughters and memorable moments, I sure would never look at any social networking/blogging site the same way I did with Tumblr.

Thank you CdeO Tumblr friends. You just made my day. til next time!

- Carlo Borja (carlobee)

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