Saturday, May 01, 2010

First Time in Cebu!
I went to Cebu for the first time last April 26 (Monday) to 28 (Wednesday) with my brother. Not only was it my first time there, it was also my first time to travel out of Northern Mindanao, my first time to check in a hotel (seriously), my first time to ride a big boat, my first time riding a plane, and my first time to spend a lot of my hard earned money for traveling. haha. Amazing, huh? Nah. Those firsts just made everything memorable.

Anyways, if I would blog about every single experience I had in Cebu, it would be the longest blog ever. So, I decided to make it less longer. haha.

We got to tour the Cebu Zoo and the Taoist Temple. We also went malling and experienced the night life. I can also go all day testing out all the awesome food in Cebu!

Then, on the last day of my stay there, I was able to meet the people from our company. It was great seeing them in person. I only get to talk to them via Skype almost daily and then just a few days ago, we were talking in person and then we got to enjoy each other's company. They were such awesome people. I'd love to hang out with them again soon.

And yeah, I also got to play with an iPad there. It so happened that one of the people from our company already has one. It's so damn freaking awesome! hehe. I am an Apple fanboy by the way.

Here are just a few pictures I was able to take:

At around 4:30 PM on April 28, I was back in CDO.

Overall, those 3 days were really one of the most memorable days of my life.

As the saying goes, "If you were to choose between a material thing and an opportunity to travel, choose the latter." I believe that is really true. The experiences you encounter and the memories that will remain are priceless.

I hope this will be the FIRST of the MANY travels I will have in the future. haha. I am definitely going back to Cebu. I hope I get to explore other places too. :)

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