Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toy Story 3

Better late than never, I finally was able to watch Toy Story 3, the movie everyone was talking about last year.

Anyway, I could not really compare and tell something about the continuity of the film because I was literally too young to understand movies back when the first and second Toy Story movies came out. But, this one right here was probably one of the best animated stories I've ever seen. It's such a heartwarming and fun movie.

More importantly though, I learned that in life it becomes hard to let go of things that actually made a difference to your existence. Those things that actually once made you innocent, free and happy. This lesson goes out to everyone - kids and adults. Talk about aging, growing up and moving on. They are all there in the movie. I myself could not imagine crying over toys as I watched the movie. Really awesome.

For the entertainment and magic the movie gave me, no doubt I would give this the highest 10.

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