Thursday, October 27, 2011

iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World
Need I say more? The title already says it all.

This is the first documentary that aired after Steve Jobs passed away. If you don't know him, it's worth watching to have an idea of how one man changed the modern world. If you already know him (like I do), it's great to reminisce all that he has done in the field of technology and the consumer market.

One striking line that was said in the documentary that could probably summarize everything about it was:

"He never really invented the computer, the music player or the smartphone. But, he transformed our thinking from 'Do I really need this?' to 'I can't live without it.'

The legacy of Steve Jobs will continue to have a ripple effect for the years to come. Long live, iGenius!

iGenius Steve Jobs Poster

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