Sunday, February 26, 2012

Together As One: Love, Courtship and Marriage

love courtship marriage seminar

Held at Word International Ministries, Mr. and Mrs. Valencia (both doctors) delivered a very inspiring and moving testimony on how God brought them together as a couple.

Their testimony, from courtship to being in a relationship which led to a successful marriage was a source of strength and inspiration. I was so much blessed tonight.

As what was stated in 1 John 4:19, I love because God first loved me. He is the one who has control over my life and the only way for me to have a successful relationship with others is to be sensitive of His voice and commands. I wouldn't be able to achieve that if I would not spend more time with Him and love Him more than any other in this world. Everything else, including relationships would then follow.

There are a lot more things I learned tonight. It was not an accident that I was able to attend the talk upon the invitation of my girlfriend. I know that God has brought me there and I was so much blessed. I really felt that God was not only talking to me but also to us, as a couple. :)

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