Tuesday, February 21, 2012

UnOfficially Yours

Unofficially Yours movie poster

John Lloyd Cruz stars in another Star Cinema Valentine offering this time with Angel Locsin. Expect no usual mushy romantic comedy you would normally think of getting from a Filipino movie love story because this one proves to be different. Rated R-13, this movie is daring and has a bit of a western taste to its story.

It might not appeal to kids and some teenagers because of its explicit sex scenes but overall, the movie was fun. Story wise, it was just common. But, John Lloyd's charm never fails and Angel Locsin's hot and sexy appeal was just right. Expect sexy and daring scenes from both actors, a few laughs in between and some presentations of relationship realities.

This movie shows how Filipino stories are starting to step up and becoming more like the daring western romantic comedy movies we've seen. I would give this an 8.

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