Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bohol Trip 2012

We went to Bohol via the Ocean Jet fast craft. It was a 6 hour ride from Macabalan CDO port to Benoni, Camiguin port then finally to Jagna, Bohol.

Upon our arrival, we went straight to the famous huge python named Prony.

prony the huge python

Then, at night went to Panglao Island to have a good night swimming.

dinner at panglao island

On the second day, we went to Sagbayan Peak first thing in the morning. It was also there that I got to saw a Tarsier!

sagbayan peak bohol

Tarsier at Bohol Philippines

After that, to Chocolate Hills! The trip to Bohol would never be complete without visiting this place.

Chocolate Hills Bohol

Chocolate Hills Bohol

Next stop, the Man made Mahogany forest at Bilar, Bohol. This was where we had lunch too.

Man made forest at Bilar Bohol

We also passed by the Hanging Bridge at Sevilla where I got to see the Buko King (not in action though. You have to pay to see him do his thing).

Hanging bridge at Sevilla Bohol

Buko King

Our third and last day started with the Loboc River Cruise. 

The cruise at Loboc

view at loboc river cruise

Family picture at Loboc

kids singing at Loboc

Passed by the Blood Compact Shrine.

Blood Compact Shrine

Had a quick dip at the cool Badiang Spring before going home.

badiang spring with the ladies

me at badiang spring

Then, went home via the Ocean Jet again. It was a wavy and memorable ride that I'm pretty sure I would never take again when I have the chance to go back to Bohol.

The Ocean Jet ride to Bohol

This was our ride throughout the tour by the way.

Jeepney ride at Bohol Philippines

It was the first time we went out as a family during the holy week. We were actually with our churchmates and it was a fun-filled experience. Bohol is really a lovely place.

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