Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home
Around 7 months after the Sendong incident, we are finally back at our place in Balulang.

That nightmare is still fresh from our memories. However, today it's already overridden by the joy of having a newly renovated home.

The place looks significantly different than before. We added a new structure and widened the space on the inside. It's totally like having a different home. Our house feels bigger now.

It still looks bare. We are still slowly filling it up with the necessary appliances and furniture. We are totally starting over. It's tough, expensive and would probably take a lot of time. But, we don't mind. What matters is we're back, still complete and happy. Nothing beats the feeling of being home.

living room of our house

living room view

new room added to the house

Wooden door

house and motorcycle

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