Thursday, September 13, 2012

The All-New iPhone 5

The long wait is over. Finally, the long rumored iPhone 5 has been announced by Phil Schiller at Apple’s September media event that happened earlier. We have long seen and heard about the rumors. The official announcement of the iPhone 5 just confirmed them. It may disappoint some. But, it still is a pretty and amazing phone anyway. Here are the new features I can’t wait to get hold of and test out:

iPhone 5 new design aluminum body

The iPhone 5 boasts a radical change in the design. It's now 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. Plus, it now has an aluminum body. 

The display is now 4-inch (the 4S was just 3.5 inch) and is still in brilliant Retina display. 

This iPhone also has three microphones which could be pretty good with its new noise-canceling technology. Better call quality!

iPhone 5 LTE

The iPhone 5 now comes with the ultra fast LTE Wireless Technology which means faster cellular data transfers. It is also packed with a Dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity so Wi-Fi could get up to as fast as 150MBps (I doubt your internet connection would reach this fast though - at least for now).

Here is a chart of the tests done by Apple:

Apple LTE iPhone 5 speed

Not only does it have an ultrafast wireless connection, the iPhone is powered by the all-new A6 processor. This would make it perform twice as fast as the iPhone 4S (which runs on an A5 chip). This processor allows the phone to have a better battery life too - 10 hours on Wi-Fi and 8 hours on LTE.


Apple iPhone 5 iSight Camera Panorama

The iSight Camera (as Apple calls it) on this iPhone is pretty much the same with the iPhone 4S. It just got some really cool improvements. You can now create panoramic images easily. I think it's not an everyday feature. But still that would be cool. The 1080p HD video recording gets enhanced too with an improved stabilization feature, face detection up to 10 faces and the ability to take photos as you record. It's also worth mentioning that the front facing cam is now 720p. That's great news for people who love taking self portraits!

New Accessories

new apple earpods
If there's anything I can't wait to try on the iPhone 5, it's these accessories. They are part of the radical new design they introduced and they are pretty interesting. 

First off, you got the EarPods. These are better stock Apple earphones redesigned for a better music experience. For a music junkie like me, I think that's a really good one.
lightning connector apple iPhone 5

We also have the Lightning, an 8-pin dock connector which replaces the 30 pin iPod connector we had for almost a decade. This one's pretty neat. You can even plug it either way. Isn't that awesome? 

So, that's it. We've got the iPhone 5 announced. Pre-orders will start in the next 2 days and the prices still remain the same as every iPhone announced since 2008. Are you getting one or not? 

Carlo Borja is the Head of Online Marketing for Time Doctor, a time tracking software for remote teams. He is a full-time telecommuter, a digital nomad and a coffee junkie.


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