Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4th generation iPad and the iPad mini
It was a hardware bomb at the October 23 Apple event held at the California Theatre in San Jose. Aside from introducing a new 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and a super thin iMac, everyone's attention was focused on the introduction of a new iPad. In fact, two new iPads were announced!

The first one is the 4th generation iPad.

4th generation iPad

Apple could not wait for the next year  to introduce the next generation. This is the first time 2 generations were introduced in just one year. In effect, they just updated the new iPad (which was released months ago so it's not really new now) to catch up with the technology incorporated in the recently announced iPhone 5. (You might want to check on these iPhone 5 features because I won't go into much detail on some of the same ones on this new iPad)

The most notable differences would be the new A6X chip that would make it twice faster than the previous generation and the new dock for the Lightning connector. 30 pin connectors are now really old technology. Other than that, the other key features (Facetime HD, iSight Camera, Retina Display, Siri, etc) remain exactly the same. That includes the battery life. It still gives you the same 10-hour battery life it promises despite having twice the power.

In addition to that, the iPad mini was also announced. This was what everyone was waiting for.

iPad mini white

Though it looks exactly the same as that of the rumors, it still is a pretty exciting new Apple product!

It has some key differences with the other iPad. Aside from the fact that you can hold it in one hand, it is just 7.2 mm (23% thinner than the other iPad) thin and weighs only 0.68 lb (53% lighter). The screen size is 7.9 inch. It's not Retina display though. It's technically just the iPad 2 screen (1024x768 in resolution) scaled down. So, all the current iPad apps will still run perfectly on the device with no major configuration. It was also brilliantly designed so as not to lose functionality while browsing the web and doing everything you can on an iPad. Hence the tag "every inch an iPad."

Aside from that, it only uses the A5 chip (the one inside the iPad 2). That's just enough power for this iPad to also have a good iSight Camera and an LTE connectivity. I would think of it as just an iPad 2 shrunk down to 7.9 inch. It still has that 10 hour battery life by the way.

This sweet new iPad mini is available in black and white and starts at $329 (for the 16GB Wi-Fi model). That is a pretty competitive price. This will be a sure hit during the holiday season.


Here's the first ever ad for the iPad mini entitled "Piano." It's one of my favorite Apple ads to date.

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