Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Acoustic Cover of Oppa Gangnam Style

As you may have already known, the catchy song Oppa Gangnam Style by now world famous Korean Superstar PSY has gone to be the most viral music video of all time. I should say that must be because of its equally cheerful and playful horse-galloping dance step.

However, like most songs that have gone viral there comes a point you get sick of listening to it (uhmm.. Call Me Maybe?). That's exactly what happened to me after a few weeks of hearing this song almost everywhere! I still find the dance step really catchy. But, overall the song has lost its effect the first time I heard it.

But then, some YouTubers (also Koreans) with great musical talent came up with a really awesome acoustic cover of the song. The song has sparked my interest again. This acoustic cover of Oppa Gangnam Style by Ra-On is excellent in my opinion. It gave the song a fresh twist and a really refreshing arrangement.

So, here you go - Oppa Gangnam Style in acoustic.

P.S. You can't really use the galloping dance step in this version. So, I recommend just listening to it. :-)

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