Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Scale Adds Sharing Options To The iOS Music App

Announced during the first ever jailbreak conference at San Francisco held last September 29, Scale is a jailbreak tweak that adds a nifty functionality to the Music app of iOS.

The free tweak which was developed by Joshua Tucker adds one of the features the current Music app is lacking -- some cool sharing options. We all love to share the music we listen to. In fact, I always 'manually' tweet the songs I'm listening to with the #nowplaying hashtag.

Instead of opening Tweetbot (the Twitter app of my choice) and typing "#nowplaying Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown," Scale simplifies this whole process by adding a new icon on the music app. (see screenshot below - it's beside the shuffle icon)

Music app screenshot with scale

 When I click that, it gives me the options to share what I'm currently listening to via Email, Twitter or Message. I can also just copy the text to the clipboard right away if I want to. In addition to that, I also get the option to add the song to a particular playlist I already have.

screenshot of scale tweak sharing options

built in tweet option of scale

This may or may not be useful for everyone. I just think it's cool. I share the music I listen to all the time so it should be in a way useful for me. It's certainly something Apple should consider adding on the next iOS update.

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