Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anniversary and Cupcakes
If there is one thing in my life right now that I am really thankful for, it is the fact that God has given me the best partner in the world. My girlfriend may not be a perfect person. But, she understands me in a way that no person ever does. It could not get any better than that. I am so blessed with a happy relationship right now.

We just celebrated our anniversary with cupcakes (picture below), pizza, pasta and gifts. It was a simple celebration that reminded us of what we've been through for the past year. We got to travel together, celebrate Valentines and even went through some exciting adventures. Indeed, time flies. 

Not much has changed since then. The joy of being together, the faith, the love and the trust is still there. We smoothly went through one year of our relationship. I believe the next year and the upcoming years will be the same if not better. One thing is for sure. Our love will continue to grow stronger as we continue to go through the surprises of life together.

Isn't it such a great feeling to be in love?

red velvet cupcakes holiday
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