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How To Create An iTunes Store Account Without A Credit Card
We just got off the holiday season. The most requested gifts were probably iPhones, iPads, iPods and all the other cool Apple products. Chances are you are looking at this article because you have one or you just had one recently.

It's a really exciting feeling to have that first shiny new Apple product. Yeah. You got past that stage already. Now, you are faced with the most common issue people encounter with their devices.

"I need an iTunes Store account to download apps. But, I don't have a credit card."

I get that question all the time. Don't worry. It's not the end of your supposed to be fun iOS experience. It's just the start. Here's how you can do it on your computer.


First things first. You need to make sure that:

A. You don't have any account signed in by default on your iTunes. The top left button should just have "Sign In" on it and not any email address.

iTunes Sign In Button

B.  You are logged in to the US iTunes Store account. You can confirm that by looking at the flag on the bottom right of the window. If it's not the US flag, you can change the country from the Manage column. 

iTunes Store Change Country


Now that you have changed your iTunes store to US, just browse for all the FREE apps on the store and try to download one by clicking on the "FREE" button.

Free Apps iTunes Store


After you click Free, you will get this pop-up. Select "Create Apple ID".

Apple ID Sign In Pop-up


After you have selected "Create Apple ID", just Continue and go through all the End User Licensing Agreements. (tip: You don't have to read all of them)

STEP 5: 

Provide Apple ID details on this window

Apple ID Details Page

STEP 6: 

After you've filled your Apple ID details according to the specifications, you will get to this most awaited page - The Payment Method! Notice how there is "NONE" as a payment option. You select that. Then just provide the page with any fake US address. That will absolutely be fine. 

Apple Payment Method Window with None Option

That's it! Just continue with the registration. The next page will be just the verification of the email address and then you're done. You now have an Apple ID / iTunes Store account with no credit card on file! Congratulations! You can now download all the FREE apps you want. 

Extended tip:

You can also do this on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The steps are quite similar. You just have to start with choosing / downloading any free app on the App Store app. It will ask you to create a new Apple ID. Just make sure you select "United States" as the country. Then you can continue with the other steps.

Enjoy your new iOS device and iTunes store account. Happy downloading!

If at a certain point you want to purchase apps, here is how you can do so.

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