Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hackulous is Dead, Installous (iOS Piracy App) Now Gone

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One of the major reasons to jailbreak the iPhone is to be able to access "cracked" apps. That means you get to install paid apps without even paying for a single penny. 

That was made possible by the famous Hackulous repository.  It hosted Installous, a jailbreak app which had a cracked version of every possible app on the App Store. It was frequently called as the jailbreak version of the App Store. Along with it came App Sync, a tweak that allowed the syncing of these cracked apps to your computer/iTunes. It was one of the most famous apps on the jailbreak community. But, it has finally come to an end.

Today, the Hackulous Team has announced that it will officially shut down its service. They attributed it to their forum/community that has gone stagnant and quiet.

It is a big loss for the jailbreak community. Some have jailbroken their iPhones purely for this reason. On the other hand, it is a good news for those who are against iOS app piracy. 

Although there are other alternatives to still be able to get cracked apps on your iOS device, this reason alone is probably enough for a lot of the people on the jailbreak community to go back to the stock iOS. They will already buy apps anyway.

However, if you have been jailbreaking your iOS device for the other awesome reasons like customization and adding tweaks and not for pirating apps,  you should be fine. Just carry on.

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