Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Week With the iPad mini
iPad mini white 16GB

Last week, I finally bought an iPad mini.

There already are a lot of reviews on the internet about this device. So, I will not go into detail in reviewing all the specs. Here are just some of the notable things that left an impression on me after having used the device for one week.

Size Matters

I never really liked the 9.7 inch size of the regular iPad. I don't think it is that portable. This is one of those reasons that made me hold off going in for a tablet. Enter the iPad mini in 2012. It is only 7.9 inch but is definitely perfect. It fits well in my hand (or hands) and since it is very very light, it is so much portable. It is definitely my ideal size. I felt like it was meant for me.


The camera is of similar quality to that of the iPhone 4S. It is definitely good. I took a number of pictures using the front and back camera and they all ended up in good resolution. The 1080p video I recorded was amazing too. However, using a 7.9 inch camera in public does not seem to be a good idea for me. So, I always end up picking up my iPhone for taking pictures instead.

Battery Life

This is where the iPad mini stands out. It has a really amazing battery. I have reached way more than 10 hours of usage. And, for my regular use it can go on standby for like 2 or 3 days max. It charges fast too.


The sound of the device coming from the stereo speakers on the bottom surprised me. It was loud and clear enough. I can hear the audio well without having the need to plug it to an external speaker or earphones. It is that audible.


This is probably the biggest drawback to the iPad mini. People are always complaining about the fact that this device does not have a retina display.

I must admit it. It took a bit of getting used to. Coming from a device with retina display for the past 2 plus years, I immediately noticed the difference in screen quality. It was very noticeable. But, after around 3 days of using it I totally did not mind anymore. I already got used to it. The screen is still amazing even though it is not retina. If this is the tradeoff for having a really good battery, then I certainly would not mind. I am happy with this already.

Overall, there are a number of reasons to not like the iPad mini. It's not the size for everyone, it has outdated internals and it does not have the retina display. However, if you start to play with it you will forget all those reasons. I myself can't seem to stop using it. I'm loving it the more I use it. Having that said, this is definitely one of those products I would highly recommend.

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