Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MCSaite Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (for My iPad mini)

MCSaite Bluetooth Keyboard

This MCSaite Mini Bluetooth Keyboard boasts the full keyboard in such a small package. It has 80 keys in it with 15 function keys. It works only on Windows computers, iPhones and iPads. And, it is powered by 2 AAA batteries with an intelligent power saving feature.

For Writing

I got this keyboard because I think it would complement my iPad mini. I do a bit of writing and I need to get away from the on screen keyboard since it could be really incovenient typing long paragraphs on the screen.

I went to Sulit and found a really accomodating seller that sells this really cheap bluetooth keyboard. This is only PHP950 by the way. I think it was a sweet deal so I immediately went for it.

iPad mini with bluetooth keyboard
My mobile office setup

The Good

First of all, I like its look. It is slim and it does not look cheap. Its keys are comfortable to type on. Its function keys work well and you get extra keys that function well with the iPad mini. Brightness controls, volume controls, home button, sleep button, even a 'picture frame' button!

The Not So Good

However, it actually took some time for me to get comfortable with its size. It is such a small keyboard that is almost similar to the length of the iPad mini in landscape orientation. I have slightly huge fingers. So, it took a lot of getting used to. But, after typing a few paragraphs I was able to slowly catch up and type normally without any problems.

Another issue I encountered was the fact that some keys are messed up. By that I mean the icons are different from what it could actually do. For example, a certain function key shows a music control button when in fact it does not. I actually spent some time figuring out what each keys (along with the combination of function keys) do.

I Still Like It Though

Overall, I think I could say I really like this keyboard. In fact, I've been typing on it the whole day without any problems. I already got used to it and I even typed this whole review on the keyboard itself.

If you are looking for a budget bluetooth keyboard that complements with the iPad mini's size, I think this is perfect. But, if you are looking for a more comfortable typing experience (especially hardcore writers), then I think you are better off with a full size keyboard. They are pretty expensive though.

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