Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Dropzone Experience at Dahilayan Adventure Park

First of all, I am not the adventurous, extreme, thrill seeker kind of guy. I never really involve myself in anything sporty or even athletic for that matter.

There was a time though when I tried Asia's longest dual zip line before. I remember it was a ton of fun. But, I never really imagined doing this different kind of experience - The Dropzone experience.

When me and my girlfriend got into the waiting line, it was nerve wracking seeing all the other people getting dropped at 120 feet. Lots of thoughts were already running on my mind. What if I faint? or throw up? Why are they shouting so loud? I probably cannot do this.

The next thing I know the guides at Dahilayan Adventure Park were already tying us up. We now have all these safety gear and we were pulled by a machine all the way to the top. Everything below looked really small already. I could not hear anything anymore. My heartbeat was fast. I was completely nervous.

And then that moment of truth came. I had to pull this rope tied to us so we would eventually drop. I cannot really  contain my thoughts at that time. It felt like suicide or something like that. I even felt like it was one of the biggest decisions of my life. Then, after a few moments I thought to myself "Whatever. We can do this."

So, together me and my girlfriend were gliding in this really fun adventure ride. We (or should I say she, my girlfriend) were screaming really hard. The Dropzone Experience at Dahilayan Adventure Park was so much fun. It was a surge of adrenaline rush. It is definitely for the thrill seekers and adventure loving people. I totally could not forget the experience.

I do not know if at this point I am starting to become a thrill seeking type of person. All I know is nothing compares to the joy you get from doing something for the first time. What a great experience it has been.

Here is a video of our experience.
For those who have never tried yet, it will only cost you 500 pesos. 750 pesos if you go on pair (the one we did).

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