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Marketing Lessons from Jose Mari Chan
Jose Mari Chan concert at Cagayan de Oro City
We recently watched Jose Mari Chan's concert at the Limketkai Atrium here in Cagayan de Oro City. He is one of the finest and timeless singers in the Philippines.

But, wait. Why did I mention about marketing lessons? He is a singer right? Well, yes. However, aside from swooning us with his love songs, he also shared a lot of his personal experiences. There is so much wisdom from the man. You can't help but learn a lot of things from him as a professional singer, a businessman and a loving husband.

For this post, I would focus on the learnings relevant to my career. These are a few of the marketing lessons I learned from him:

"I encourage you (singers) to write your own material."

This speaks about originality. He was repeatedly encouraging all the young singers to write their own material. You could take influences from your favorite singers. But, make sure you are not trying to copy them. Be original. It may be hard but you will reap the benefits later on.

"I wrote 200 songs before my first hit."

Perseverance. It is a character common to all the successful people out there. Imagine if Jose Mari Chan stopped writing songs after his 199th composition? He probably would not be where he is right now.

He kept writing and writing his original material until eventually one of them became a hit. We all start rough. He even mentioned how he never wanted anyone to listen to his first composition. It was that bad. What differentiates him from all the other people is that he never gave up. He continued to do what he loved doing until he became better and successful with it.

"You know you've composed a good song because it will outlive you."

When you have a really good material and you are confident with it, get it out there. Promote it by all means. If it is good, people will love it and it will become a hit. If it is really good, it will be timeless. It will be a classic. It will even outlive you.

Classic singers like Jose Mari Chan have built their career with a good solid foundation. They write good music that is not based on the current "pop culture." That is why 30-40 years after, their songs still sound fresh and will continue to be revived by the generations to come.

If you have a product or service or even if you are just marketing yourself, focus on creating a good brand and do not just go with current trend. Instant results will give you short-lived success while building a good solid foundation will make you last a lifetime.

Here is one of Jose Mari Chan's beautiful songs. He wrote the song on a plane to New York and sang it to his wife on their 8th anniversary. If you know the song, feel free to sing along. Don't forget to share it too :)

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