Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Music, Dinner and Passion

We were having dinner on a typical Sunday night at a seafood restaurant.

They had this live acoustic performance by 2 talented musicians.

What caught my eye was the acoustic guitarist who had some really cool gear. He played the guitar really well too.

Listening to their awesome set of acoustic songs actually made me reminisce all the stuff I did back when I was still in high school.

I also did the same thing this guy is doing. I always performed at school.

The difference with him and me was that I never really pursued my passion. It's kind of sad actually. Whatever happened to the acoustic singer I was back in high school.

I could still play the guitar now. But, I never invested so much time for improvement. My priorities have changed too.

I should spend some time revisiting that passion. Music is after all in my DNA.

Free entertainment at Panagatan Centrio. This dude is talented.

We had a good dinner during that night by the way.

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