Monday, May 05, 2014

The Leadership Dilemma
I have my own fair share of leadership hats to wear.

And, in all my experiences as a leader, there is one dilemma that I always come across.

That is the conflict of relationships versus results.

A good team always starts off with the foundation of good working relationships. But, to move forward things have to get real serious and rough to achieve results.

This is usually the part where you sometimes need to risk abandoning relationships so you could effectively move forward and achieve the results you desire as a team.

You really cannot please everybody after all.

An effective and focused leader is someone who knows how to balance and handle this dilemma well.

In my case, there still is a lot to learn.

Do you have your own dilemmas as a leader? Do you have any leadership lessons that you live out?

Carlo Borja is the Head of Online Marketing for Time Doctor, a time tracking software for remote teams. He is a full-time telecommuter, a digital nomad and a coffee junkie.

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