Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Jewelry Box

I was asked to be one of the 18 treasures at a good friend's debut party.

As you may already know, the challenge here is finding a gift (or a treasure) that would symbolize something about the debutante.

I chose a jewelry box. A fancy jewelry box that kind of looks like a closet. (Technically, my girlfriend bought this. I just had to make something up about a certain jewelry box. lol)

This was my speech:

They say that at 18, it is still okay to think about yourself - your wants, your aspirations, your goals.

But, when you start to think of others first, you are already ready to become an adult.

I had the privilege of seeing Shekainah (the name of the debutante) grow up from this little girl to this fine young woman we have here.

More importantly, I have witnessed how she has matured over the years because she is now thinking of others first before herself.

Shen, as you continue to grow up and mature may this gift be always with you to explore, have fun, stay creative and continue to be beautiful inside out.

We will always be here to support you and guide you.

I thank God for your life.

Happy 18th birthday. Enjoy the rest of the night and the rest of your adult years.

I do not know if that was enough or if it did any justice to the jewelry box.

At least I got to say a heartfelt message.

What do you think of that speech? Symbolism is quite a challenging task, right?

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