Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blessings In Disguise

At least at one point in our lives we all experienced bad things that turned out to be good in the end. These are what we call blessings in disguise.

We cannot really understand their importance and value right at the moment. But, if we connect the dots later on we will understand that everything just happened at the right place and the right time -- whether they were negative and positive ones.

I believe life is in itself the biggest blessing that we have and it is also in disguise.

Life does have a negative ring to most of us. Life is bad. Life sucks. It sucks to be alive. We barely get by through life.

You might be going through a very difficult situation right now. You are probably experiencing life at its worst. Don't worry. The disguise is temporary.

Believe me. It gets better and better every single day that you hold on and have hope.

Life is a blessing. Enjoy it.

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