Thursday, August 07, 2014

It's A Dangerous World Out There

Tonight was a series of unfortunate events.

My girlfriend experienced a serious headache. I had to accompany her to her house to make sure she gets home safe. She is definitely stressed out and needed that rest.

As I was about to go home, there was a commotion in the streets. A group of young rugged men were trying to catch a thief who stole something from a nearby warehouse. It was a dangerous and quite alarming scene.

On the way home, I witnessed a vehicular accident. Two motorcycles crashed head on. It was a serious accident. Both motorcycles were totaled and wrecked.

That's a lot of stuff to witness in one night. It made me think that it is really a dangerous world out there.

I just thank God I am home, though also stressed but safe.

Take care, everyone.

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