Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I felt lazy today... and it's okay.

Today, I was extra lazy.

I woke up late for work. Technically, it was just less than 5 minutes. But, still it was way past our required 9AM work time.

At noon, I dragged my lazy ass to the gym and did not finish my workout.

In the afternoon, I continued working but was not really in the mood.

So, I slept the whole afternoon and decided to work the entire night.

I did manage to get some work done at night. But, I left a number of tasks undone.

Where did all my productivity go? Was it because it was a Monday? Or, was it because of the extremely hot weather?

I don't know. I just felt lazy today and it's okay.

I value and promote productivity. But, I know I am not superhuman to be overly productive every time I am awake.

I experience downtimes like this and I embrace them. It's these moments that I am eager to wake up to another day and move on.

Tomorrow is another day. I'll make sure I'll be twice as productive if not more.

For now, I'd just go get some sleep.

See you tomorrow, productivity.

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