Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moments Matter

The picture above sums up our date tonight. It was taken inside a private movie house.

It may look like a bad night in the picture but it really wasn't.

Me and my girlfriend were both really tired tonight.

We both have our own careers. We worked the whole week. We both got a busy schedule. And, we only have Friday night to relax and chill. 

However, this week was pretty intense and was filled with so much work. Our bodies were just dead tired when Friday night came.

But, that didn't matter. 

We both could have skipped date night. We could have just crashed our beds and slept at home after a really busy week.

But, we didn't. 

We decided to still spend time for each other because we know that moments matter

Tonight was just another one to add to the thousand of moments and memories we have already created together.

I guess that's how we managed to stay happy together after all these years. 

By the way, we had some good nachos too!

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Carlo Borja is the Head of Online Marketing for Time Doctor, a time tracking software for remote teams. He is a full-time telecommuter, a digital nomad and a coffee junkie.

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