Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Am A Lazy Shopper And This Is How I Shop

Clothes are not my thing. Fashion is not something I wrap my mind on.

I'm just your average guy wearing the kind of clothes I am comfortable with.

That also comes with one major problem -- I am a lazy shopper.

That means I really don't like going to the mall fitting clothes, checking out apparel, shoes and all those stuff.

Just ask my girlfriend. Shopping is the last thing she'd do when she is with me.

One time my mother asked me to choose any apparel I want. She would buy it to me for free.

I declined. Yes, I did.

The reason? I don't like fitting clothes.

Crazy right?

You may be wondering, "How the heck does he get all his clothes?"

The answer is online shopping.

I am a huge fan of Zalora and I buy my stuff from there.

The good thing about this shopping site is they provide exact body measurements for you to check if your clothes and jeans would fit without even putting them on.

I have my body measurements ready, I just browse through Zalora's iPhone app and shop from there! Items usually arrive in less than a week and I haven't had any problems so far.

Thank God for the age of Internet and online shopping.

Lazy shoppers like me finally have a way of acquiring clothes our way. :)

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