Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Staff.com and Time Doctor in Bohol, Philippines

It was my second time in Bohol and this time it was for our annual company gathering. 

There's something about this place that really captivates me. 

The island is very laid back, the people are very nice and you'll see nature at its best.

Plus, we stayed at a very luxurious and excellent hotel named Bellevue.

It couldn't get any better than that. 

I got to meet my colleagues from Time Doctor and Staff.com. We got to bond as a team which is a very important thing especially for us remote workers.

We also had some key meetings and workshops which gave us some valuable insights and skills moving forward. These are all valuable especially that the company is continuing to grow.

I love the fact that my work allows me to get to relax and experience places like this. 

Looking forward to the next one!

Here are some video snaps from the trip: 

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