Sunday, August 14, 2016

Honoring commitments
I was terribly sick the entire day today.

My head is aching, I got a bad cold and I can barely move because of my sore leg muscles.

It's the perfect reason to slack and just rest.

But, since I value commitment I chose to hustle instead.

Here's the thing.

When you are committed to do something, you honor it. You make it happen no matter what. That means doing whatever it takes to get it done.

I was still able to accomplish what I need to do today in spite of being sick.

It could be just me. But, it actually felt really good -- even better than resting. :)

Carlo Borja is the Head of Online Marketing for Time Doctor, a time tracking software for remote teams. He is a full-time telecommuter, a digital nomad and a coffee junkie.

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