Wednesday, August 31, 2016

These copycats should stop
Today, GMA Network released the trailer for their upcoming show "Alyas Robin Hood."

At first, it may just sound like another local adaptation of the famous Robin Hood story.

But, upon closer inspection it looks like a copycat of the famous series The Arrow, which I am a huge fan of.
Look at that blatant ripoff.

Can't they think of a more original concept? Look at the trailer. If you are watching The Arrow, it has the same feel to it.

Stephen Amell himself, the lead actor of The Arrow series shared this on his Facebook account. That emoji says it all. He doesn't seem to be pleased.

I really don't like it when someone copies ideas. You can take inspiration from other people's ideas. Copying those ideas is another story and is just pure laziness.

This is probably the reason why I still can't get myself to move over to Instagram stories.

I still can't get over the fact that Instagram blatantly copied Snapchat a few months ago too. It's ridiculous.

This is why even though I could get a lot more engagement from Instagram, I still decided to stick with Snapchat.

Seriously, people should stop doing this.

I don't know if "Team Alyas Robin Hood" is enjoying their publicity right now. Bad publicity is still publicity after all.

I just don't think this series will last long. And, I hope they come up with an original idea next time. These type of shows are ruining our local industry.

Image source: pep.ph

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