Friday, January 13, 2017

Tokyo, Japan (Our Best Travel Experience Yet)
My girlfriend and I went to Tokyo on a winter season (December 2016). It was just for 2 days (not enough time) but we had so much fun.

Japan has always been on top of our travel list and we're glad to say that we could already cross it off our bucket list.

Here are some of the things we love about Tokyo:

1. The transportation system

During our entire stay, we relied on their trains as our main form of transportation. It was quite daunting at first when we saw the complicated subway map. But, in just a few hours we actually got the hang of it and I must say that I really love it. It was so efficient and well planned. It will never make you think of traffic again.

Nakamise Shopping Street

2. The people are disciplined (and generally nice)

We live in a place where people could get so rowdy disobeying all the rules. We noticed that the Japanese people followed every single traffic sign and general city rules. This makes the place so safe. Plus, the people are nice. You could easily ask for help and they would try their best to do so even if there is a language barrier.

Some yummy Japanese street food

3. The food is glorious

All the food we ate in Japan were delicious. From ramen, to chicken and even fast food! Seriously. I don’t know why. But, the food there is amazing. Even 7-Eleven had some pretty good and healthy choices.

At the Hamarikyu Gardens

4. A mix of old and new

It is absolutely awesome how in the middle of a busy urban setting you could see very well preserved old gardens, temples and culture. This I think is what makes Japan unique. The mix of modern and ancient culture is something you’d notice in almost every area.

Sensoji Temple

5. There’s so much to explore

Tokyo is filled with so many places to go to! I must admit that 2 days wasn’t enough. We should have stayed there for a week but we didn’t have that much time. Tokyo is so huge you need a lot of time to be able to go to all the good spots and places. Did I mention Tokyo is just a small part of Japan? There really are so many places to explore in the land of the rising sun.

I could go on and on but that would make this post a really long list.

It is obvious how we really enjoyed Tokyo. We fell in love with the city and hopefully we will be able to go back — maybe another place in Japan next time.

Ueno Park
With Hachiko

Here are some video clips from the trip:

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