Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Giving A Good Tip

The tipping culture here in the Philippines varies so much. 

You could even choose not to tip if you want to. You'd still not get frowned upon.

Yesterday, I went to the carwash because the car already needed it. 

The carwash guy asked 350 pesos to get the whole car (including the under chassis) washed and cleaned. 

I was there the whole time looking at him. I saw how he meticulously washed every part of the car. 

I know how hard that job is because I do wash the car myself a lot of times. 

In the end I was pretty much satisfied with how he washed the car.

He deserved a thank you so I gave him a good 30% tip.

I hope that it will help motivate him to do a better job at what he is doing.

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