Thursday, August 31, 2017

Is Yakimix worth it?

This eat and grill all you can restaurant has finally opened up its doors here in Cagayan de Oro city.

But for 599 pesos, is it actually worth it?  Would you spend that much for a meal?

Here is the breakdown of the rates:

  • 499 for lunch (except for public holidays and weekends)
  • 599 for dinner
  • 299 for Children below 4 feet 
  • Children below 3 feet are FREE
  • When it's your birth month, bring 3 friends with you and you won't pay anything.

The last one is what I think most people take advantage of.

We went there for that reason. It was my girlfriend and her mother's birth month. We got a discount for the total price.

The food selection was great. Ambience is nice. Grilling is fun. Plus, they get to do this dance when it's your birthday:

But to answer the question of whether it's worth it or not -- it really depends on the person's appetite. :)

For me, it was not worth it.

I don't eat that much. I could stay there for 3 hours and still eat just 300 pesos worth of food. That's just too much money to shed on one meal.

For other people who have a bigger appetite, they can devour all they want. That 600 pesos will be very much worth it. They don't run out of food.

In the end, it's another great addition to the fancy lineup of restaurants in our ever developing city.

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