Tuesday, October 10, 2017

There's Nothing Quite Like The Pain of a Toothache

The picture above may be misleading.

It may not accurately describe what I meant in the title. But, it has a relation. So, please bear with me.

Let me describe the picture first. 

Took it on the 6th of October, 2017. It was World Teacher's Day so I spent dinner with my lovely girlfriend who also happens to be a teacher.

I could not be any more proud of what she is doing. When you have a partner who is a teacher, you would know all the hard work they do. This may seem too exaggerated -- but I feel like they are changing the world one student at a time.

Oh gosh. Part of me really wants to be an educator.

Anyway, going back to my title. 

The picture above also significantly marks the first time I had a serious toothache. And, like everything you experience for the first time you have to document it. So, I'm blogging it right now.

That night, I felt something tingling on my right molar. It slowly developed into a toothache.

2 days after that, it was already painful. But, being the pain tolerant guy that I am I just endured it.

On the third day (a Monday), I can still endure the pain but it is already going into my head. I cannot wrap my head around my work anymore. I cannot even open my mouth.

It was insane. My emotions were a mix of irritation, pain and excitement (yes, really).

It's a new thing for me so being excited may be normal in this situation I guess? Not saying I would want this to happen again though.

Anyway, like everyone's recommendation I took the number one pain reliever: a mefenamic acid.

It only took an hour and a half for the meds to work.

And boy, it worked like magic. Toothache was gone.

It's been like 12 hours since I took the meds and I'm not experiencing any pain anymore.

I even had the time to blog the whole experience right now. Yes, I am this excited. It even feels weird.

So yeah, that's it. I'm already 28 and I just experienced that feeling they say where there's nothing quite like the pain of a toothache.

Here's to hoping it won't come back anytime soon.

And oh, in case you're wondering -- i think it's a wisdom tooth.

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