Saturday, March 31, 2018

2 Day Offline Retreat

I was totally offline for the last 2 days.

No wifi, no data, no signal.

The photo above is the only one I took during that time.

Before you go wondering if I just went to the woods with my girlfriend, it's not what you are thinking -- although we kind of really did.

I had a 2-day retreat with family and church mates.

We do this annually during the holy week but this time it was kind of special.

The unexpected happened

I brought all my gadgets with me. From computer, to phone, pocket wifi, powerbank and more. You name it.

The usual workaholic always thinks of work wherever I am.

But, when we arrived at the venue I looked at my phone and boom -- signal is out.

There was a bit of panic going on in my mind because I had planned to answer emails during break time. So many work left. I felt like I could just do them while on vacation.

I actually survived

Even with that panic going on in my mind, I still decided to just enjoy every single activity which I really did. 

24 hours have passed, then 48. 

I've never sent a single text message, I've never made or received a call, I never opened social media sites for updates. 

So, it turned out that I actually survived. 


Even though I started the retreat with panic, I ended it feeling refreshed. 

That retreat was exactly just what I needed to be reminded that life doesn't revolve online (I literally live and work online).

To more days like this.

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